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Wandell Anti-Bullying Program

Our main goal should be a school culture in which every young person has friends, in which anyone who is harassed gets support, and in which problems are solved in nonviolent ways. There will always be conflicts, and there will always be young people who try to bully others.  We want to create a peer culture in which students who bully will hear from peer: "We don't hurt people here."

                               ~Stan Davis
                               Schools where Everyone Belongs

District and School Anti-Bullying contacts:

Mrs. Debra Strauss                                              Mr. Glenn Stokes
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator                          School Anti- Bullying Specialist
Saddle River NJ 07458                                       Saddle River NJ 07458
Phone 201 327-0727 ext. 267                            Phone 201 327-0727 ext  215

email: [email protected]                     email: [email protected]